Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 29, 2013

A third party Tea Party observation

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — The recent letter “Republicans will take back their party” was predictable in its over the top generalizations. For the record, I am not a Tea Party member nor a Republican. I’ve been a registered independent since my 18th year. I despise what politics has become (or maybe always was) in this country, but looking around the world I have yet to see a more attractive system.

The (earlier letter) writer said and I quote, “The Tea Party has morphed the Republican Party into a “take away” party. They want your old age survivors and disability insurance,  your Medicare, your Medicaid. They want to provide large corporations with corporate welfare and take from the poor to give to the rich..”

Really?  That quote makes about as much sense as saying the Democrat Party wants free distribution of opiates to 6-year-olds, non-parental approved  “morning after” pills for 9-year-olds and a 103 percent tax rate for people like Bill Gates. Red meat lovers on the other side would likely opine the second statement closer to the truth.

As a third party observer I find most of what the Tea Party actually says and stands for (not what partisan hacks and Saturday Night Live comedians say they stand for) to be common sense, but the tried and true political modus operandi is to demonize and misrepresent what the other guy says and believes when you fear your own ideas aren’t sufficient to carry the argument.

 We cannot continue to run the nation (and expect it to survive) by consistently spending more than we make and propping up rickety socialist programs that became so because of rampant fraud and abuse from millions riding/gaming the system.

Help those that need it and force the ones who could contribute to the society as a whole to get off their duffs and do so. As a society we have an obligation to help those who are struggling, but only a stoned fool would deny that billions of tax dollars are wasted annually on partisan pork, a bloated redundant wasteful government. If there has ever been a politician in the last 100 years who didn’t come out of government service richer than when they went in I would dearly love to know about it.

Wake up, people, we are being played.

R. P. Maddox