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November 30, 2013

A continuous loop for corruption

— — I strongly believe that any citizen of the United States should have the right to freely seek, and obtain, employment without being forced into joining, or paying extortion, to any group.  Be it organized crime,  political group, or unions. Most people in this country strongly believe in personal freedoms, and personal rights. They also believe these freedoms and rights should never be sold by our politicians — to anyone. Believe it or not, there are still 27 states where the politicians are basically owned by the unions. In these states you may be forced to join a union, pay their dues or be fired from some jobs. After collecting (extorting) their dues in these states, the unions give money to the politicians. The politicians then support the unions. This creates a continuous loop for extortion, and political corruption. Other than unions, crooks are actually prosecuted for using threats, intimidation and force to coerce  people into paying to work or to run a business..

 People have the right to unionize in a fair election with secret ballots. Not the “card check” (registering) system the unions are pushing, and the government is considering. This act denies employees a secret ballot. It also allows union organizers (thugs) access to these cards so they can intimidate each worker (personally) into agreeing to unionize. This is completely non American.             

I am asking  everyone — please  contact your senators, and your representative, and ask them to support one’s “right to work” without being forced into joining a union, or paying their dues. 

 John E. Dills



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