Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 8, 2012

Some families are hurting in region

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— This letter is in reference to the article printed in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph stating that shoplifting is on the rise. I agree with the article completely. I have seen many police blotters lately of people shoplifting food in Mercer County and surrounding areas.

These people are starving due to the lack of help from the Department of Health and Human Resources. If you make one dollar over their guidelines to receive assistance, you are out of luck. It seems that people that need the help the most can’t get it!

 Many of the people that receive assistance like food stamps, however, sell their food stamps to people for cash to buy the things they don’t need. Often more than not, people who do not qualify for help are not honest on their food stamp applications — they claim to make less than they really do or they lie about being separated from their partner, husband, wife etc. And many others make up fabrications to boost their amount of assistance.

  My personal opinion is the income level should be adjusted and there needs to be more investigation when it comes to people’s answers on public assistance applications rather than just taking so many wrong, deceitful words as the gospel. I do not criticize or think badly of those who receive any assistance that is genuinely needed.

People and families that are struggling from payday to payday should not have to make the choice between keeping food on the table and paying the electric bill. I believe that public assistance is a great thing. There just should be some adjustments and more watchful eyes on those who willingly deceive the system with deceitful intentions.

That way the little old lady whose husband has passed away could get some very needed help with food and medications. These are the honest people who don’t lie on their applications. They do not receive the extra help. They do without. May god bless all of us.   

Sheila Robinett