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May 3, 2013

No meals tax, no tolls and no fairness

BLUEFIELD — Reading a recent edition of the paper has prompted me to write this letter regarding a prepared meals tax, introduced by someone I voted for but will not again.

I can’t afford to eat out as the grocery store and gas station keeps me broke, along with my electricity bill.

More toll roads, hogwash, the turnpike is not the greatest ride for all the money it takes in. I support making Route 52 a toll road from Mingo County to Bluefield to see if it could have some maintenance or upgrading done on it — sure could use it. Just my humble opinion.

Just another thought (from stories in the paper): a truck driver loses control of his vehicle and wrecks, no citation.

In another car wreck, a driver who is distracted and rear ends another car receives a reckless driving citation.

Is there not such a law as failure to maintain control of your vehicle?

Inequity, I reckon.

Eddie Fowler


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