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March 20, 2013

Drug overdoses wasting tax dollars

— — Mercer County residents, do you know that while you were sleeping the other night more of your tax dollars were being spent on the drug addicts in our county?

I live in Princeton — close to an apartment building. We, the residents of this part of town, have been seeing an increase in ambulance and rescue squad visits to that apartment building. These visits are due to the regular problem of drug overdoses.

It is common knowledge to the residents that this building is a hub of drugs and prostitution. While you and I are getting up to go to our jobs, to provide food for our families, these individuals are not. Not only are the regular drug overdoses costing taxpayers money for the rescue squad to come up there, but what about pulling away those valuable resources to others who might need them at the same time, i.e. car wrecks, house fires, accidents, etc.? if you have repeat drug overdose offenders — especially those on welfare — why can’t they be made to go to rehab? If I don’t get a say in my tax dollars being spent on them, then why do they get a say about not enrolling in rehab?

I am in complete favor of the recent topic of drug testing welfare recipients. Sen. Mitch Carmichael has my support! Tax dollars and resources are being misused.

Jennifer McGinnis


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