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July 4, 2014

Let West Virginians go back to work

— The people of West Virginia have been the backbone of this great country. Our men and women have been the first to respond to our country’s fight for freedom. The main industries before the war were coal mining, the railroad and selling moonshine to feed their families when times were tough.

The federal government would raid their stills and send them to prison until they found that tax money could be earned. State liquor stores appeared on every corner.

The same thing is happening today with the EPA closing coal mines, which has a chain reaction on other jobs closing. Due to this action some people have resorted to raising and selling a native plant called marijuana to support their families. Again, the federal government is arresting and sending our people to federal prison.

When they come out of prison they discover they are still being punished with a federal felony on their record, they can’t vote or receive any federal assistance to feed their families, and must state on their job application that they have a felony offense. (Who hires a felon to work legitimate jobs?) The only way to get a federal felony off  your record is a presidential pardon.

Other states are finding marijuana isn’t that bad after all since it will be taxable revenue — big business.

Mr. President let our people go back to honest jobs, to put pride back into their lives and food on their tables. Pardon the marijuana convictions.

The government should work with mine owners to produce clean coal for the future, not close them. We want good mine operators and safe mines that will leave a legacy in West Virginia. Not to rape our state of our natural resources and leave us penniless.

China, India and other countries love America’s EPA for making their economies strong. Let our people go back to work.

Bill Crockett



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