Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 7, 2013

Griffith, GOP want U.S. economy to fail

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Morgan Griffith ran for Congress promising to bring down the federal deficit but he is doing it the wrong way.

Instead of starving poor mothers and children and ending head start he should look at closing loopholes in the tax role for things like corporate jets.

 Mr. Griffith seems intent on restructuring Social Security and Medicare to the advantage of Wall Street and the insurance industry.

Health care should not be a for-profit enterprise at all. I believe that Medicare should be expanded to include everyone. This is called single payer.

The  draconian budget cuts that Mr. Griffith favors will only hamper Southwest Virginia as it transitions from a coal economy. I don’t know how someone from Salem can possibly understand our problems.

Balancing the federal budget on the books of the poor and middle class is not the way to go. Taking $85 billion out of the economy, cutting education and basic research is not the way to grow an economy that is just now coming out of a recession.

To me it seems as if the Republicans and Congressmen like Mr. Griffith want our economy to fail.

P.L. Williams

Grundy, Va.