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February 23, 2013

Guns won the freedom of our country

— — I’m writing this in reference to the Sandy Hook shooting and the subsequent control uproar. The parents and people involved in the Sandy Hook and other shootings for that matter have my heart-felt sympathy, but I don’t think gun control is the answer. There have been many people killed when a gun of any sort was not involved.

Look at 9-11, simple box cutters were the weapon of choice in those tragedies. Timothy McVeigh used a vehicle loaded with explosives. Look at the Bath, Mich. school disaster of May 18, 1927 — killed 38 students, six adults and injured 58; Pan Am 103; the Unabomber; the USS Cole; the World Trade Center bombing; and all the suicide bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No gun of any kind was involved in any of them and thousands were killed. Guns won the freedom this country enjoys and if the settlers who came to this country before the revolutionary war had not had guns, we might still be under the rule of the British throne. I’m convinced that a great deal of thought and consideration was given by the writers of the Constitution and that’s one big reason the Second Amendment was put in the Constitution along with the right of people to defend themselves. If you think gun control works, talk to some of the Jewish people about Hitler’s gun control in Germany. The Jews had no way to defend themselves and millions were slaughtered. Many of the world monarchies have strict gun controls and the citizenry have no way of defending themselves. Most of the mass shooters had been or were still on mental health medications and suffer from hallucinations and inability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. Some have had lawsuits and settled on the condition the settlement not be made public. Money is the big factor, not health. Secondly, the movie and game industries don’t seem to be able to produce anything but violence, and people with mental health problems see this garbage and it becomes real to them and they think it’s OK to go out and do this stuff in real life. I don’t hear any thing about this part of the problem.

Again, money. I think the way to improve this problem is to stop the violence in the movie and video gaming industries, force the drug companies to come up with better mental health drugs, and provide more public assistance and help for mentally ill people. If we can provide pregnancy contraceptives at public expense for someone’s few moments of pleasure, then we should be able to provide more and better help for the mentally ill and leave the Second Amendment alone.

Carl Hazelwood

Rich Creek, Va.

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