Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

July 29, 2013

Health care in hands of ‘crooks, thugs’

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— Not so long ago, President Barack Obama was screaming to high heaven that Arizona’s immigration law should be struck down by the federal courts because (in his own words) “... the law has the potential to be used in a discriminatory manner.”

Now, our beloved IRS is busted red-handed using its power (law) in a “discriminatory manner” against conservative persons and groups. And, the NSA has seized millions upon millions of our phone records, emails, websites that we visit, search engines we have used, and they have it all stored in a handy, huge database. Could this very private information possibly have “the potential to be used in a discriminatory manner?”

And those who defend the seizure of our records in order to fight terrorism, promise us that these private records can not be looked at by the government because “the laws forbid it.” Oh really? I think our laws and our Constitution forbid the IRS from targeting individuals and organizations because of their political leanings. Our laws and our Constitution also prohibit unreasonable searches and seizures. These two government agencies obviously don’t seem to be overly concerned with the law or the Constitution.  And one must wonder just how many of the other government agencies have under-the-table schemes going on even as I write this?

Then, we have the same IRS in line to take over implementation of Obamacare. I wonder if there could possibly be any regulations in that 2,700-page monstrosity which have “... the potential to be used in a discriminatory manner?” Do we really want our personal health care in the hands of these obvious crooks and thugs?

It appears that the government has abandoned the traditional rule of law and just picks the laws it likes and dismisses the laws that it doesn’t like. How can we possibly trust a government which proves over and over, on each and every day, to be un-trustworthy?

J. R. Shuck