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October 23, 2008

Obama vs. McCain: Our decision...

We have been reading the different opinions about the upcoming election in the editoral page. We have great respect for everyone’s opinion.

We were also mad at Rockefeller and Rahall for endorsing Obama before we voted in the primary. Sen. Byrd is not up for election this time, but we also respect his opinion. As for Rockefeller and Rahall, we also respect their opinion, even if we did not agree with their early endorsement of Obama.

We are still voting for them because we need all the Democrats in the House and Senate that we can get. We feel that one reason President Bush has been able to do so much damage to our great country is because the Democrats, although in power, do not have enough votes to override a Bush veto.

Our reasons for supporting Obama: His pick of Joe Biden for VP will help him with any experience that he lacks. The UMWA endorsed him and we all know how vital coal is to the economy. Gov. Manchin along with Hillary and former President Bill Clinton have endorsed Obama and are doing every thing they can to help get him elected.

We also like his stand on the issues. They are much closer to Hillary’s than they are to McCain’s.

Obama also tries to stay on these issues while campaigning, except when he has to answer personal attacks on him and answer McCain ads misrepresenting his policies.

Our reasons for not supporting McCain: His VP pick of Sarah Palin who has very little experience. Because of McCain’s age and history of cancer, this will put her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Also neither McCain nor Palin have squeaky clean pasts; therefore we are turned off by their personal attacks on Obama concerning his.

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Letters to the Editor

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