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February 11, 2013

Guns are needed because God is gone

There are a lot of discussions about whether educators should be allowed to carry guns to protect students.

First, I’d like to say that arming teachers is not the ideal solution, but it is necessary wherever possible. Even though many don’t have the fortitude to carry a gun, much less use it during an emergency, we should give any who are willing the option.

While it is relatively simple to obtain a carry permit, those who are carrying need to have an idea of how to react under stress, and therefore should be offered additional training.

Now on to my main point. American citizens have always had guns, that is one of our original rights. Unfortunately, there have always been people with mental problems too. Yet we have more mass murders taking place now than we did years ago. What has changed through the years?

One big thing is that the U.S. is hell-bent (pun intended) on driving Christian-values (ethics) out of our society. Our government, our entertainment industries and institutions (schools included), all are openly forcing God out of our public lives.

Our Founding Fathers knew that we needed the right to bear arms, as well as a belief in God, in order to maintain the type of government and liberty that they so wisely established.

Everything that is wrong with our country can ultimately be traced back to our nation’s growing rejection of God.

I don’t want our teachers to have to be armed, but until our society turns back to God and Christian values, then we need to find teachers, school administrators, professors and other educators who are willing to carry guns in order to protect our children as well as themselves!

Dave Cox

Bluefield, Va.

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Letters to the Editor

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