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January 31, 2013

Cart-before-horse bottlenecks traffic

Recently, during the first of the month rush to the local “china outlet,” I found myself sitting in a line of traffic, across from the chapel at Bluefield College, waiting to make a right turn on to Leatherwood Road.

Staring at the line of cars before me, and another line smoothly moving west, I couldn’t help but notice the new black roadway with brightly printed lines on Stadium Drive beside the car lot, which seemed to have doubled in size.

This was easily observable since the car lot was full and the above mentioned new pavement was empty.

While sitting through four, or was it five, changes of the light, I counted seven cars turn onto the new pavement and four turn off to the west.

After finally getting to the light, I thought “free at last”— wrong! The car in front of me was headed up College Avenue. “Curses!” Foiled again.

Although useful when needed, i.e., one ball game and a concert which may or may not return, could this be considered a cart-before-the-horse scenario? Cart: turn lanes for ball game traffic. Horse: worst traffic bottleneck problem in the greater Bluefield area, unresolved.

Did I mention the size of that car lot?

Jim Johnson


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Letters to the Editor

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