Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

December 28, 2012

Kaine ‘sharply at odds’ with BC values

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— The recent occasion of the award of an honorary degree for U.S. Senator-elect Tim Kaine is an unfortunate episode in the history of public relations for Bluefield College. The college is thriving during a period of marked resurgence (sports, physical plant). President Olive’s fine administrative skills account for, perhaps, a significant portion of the institution’s success.

In many ways, Bluefield College’s position as a Christian, liberal arts institution is sharply at odds with Mr. Kaine’s professional predilections. As our governor, he embraced numerous secular positions: the largest tax increase in Virginia history; aborting innocent human life at every opportunity while staunchly supporting Planned Parenthood; extreme, coal industry job-killing environmental regulations; strong opposition to the Second Amendment as well as a concerted assault on traditional marriage values.  Although these are not charges against him personally, they are an accurate depiction of his choices as a prominent public figure.

Outward appearance suggests that Bluefield College’s president and the Board of Visitors have been unaware of Mr. Kaine’s decidedly secular positions on these issues. Alternately, it may be that the official position of Bluefield College to endorse them. I contend that either proposition offers a significantly disappointing comment about Bluefield College. For the college to honor Mr. Kaine in such a fashion sends a decidedly secular, at best amoral message to your students, staff and the Bluefield community.  Certainly, it blurs any distinction between a Christian, liberal arts institution and any run-of-the-mill public college.

These comments are offered in the spirit of respect for Bluefield College and its administration.

Richard Moody, Anita Moody

Bluefield, Va.