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May 7, 2014

Don’t give phones to non-workers

— — As an American citizen, it is distasteful to see our great country in such shape. When you get American citizens such as Harry Reid serving in important positions as Senate Majority leader you have nothing but turmoil.

It is sad that we have the big debt we have and the folks who are supposed to be looking out for us are doing everything but that. To add insult to this mess is putting more taxes on us and the sad part of this mess is it only applies to those people that work.

Why do we as workers have to pay for telephones to be used by people who don’t work is beyond me. If you don’t work and someone has to furnish you something to eat why is it so important to have to contact someone.

One day when I was shopping in a grocery store a person pulled out a phone which was being furnished by people like me who worked all their adult life, and called home to ask if they needed to buy some  produce, which I agree is very important. These yahoos in Washington could save over a billion dollars if they would require these non-workers to write a store list like we have to. I hate to see this country go down when so many folks have given their lives for our freedom. If this country doesn’t require more people to work and drop SSI we are headed for trouble.

I’m not talking about folks who are truly handicapped, but those who ride four-wheelers in the mountains and hunt wildlife who keep their hand out for something else which is free.

We need to support people in government who treat our money like tightwads who want to save every penny they can. The Bible says you have to work to eat so there it is. If you are a Christian you have to obey.

Just a thought.

 Edd Wolfe



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