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May 6, 2014

Thanks for candidate profile story

— — Enjoyed the article on the candidates. It was very informative and it helped me decide that I cannot vote for anyone who disparages the local animal shelter and thinks we don’t deserve to treat animals in a humane manner.

 There are several good candidates that would do an excellent job but the main problem is that we are only electing one position and he will have to contend with the two current members. I feel that no real change can occur until two new members are elected.

Regarding Mr. Shott’s latest column (April 22), he was ahead of the curve in his comments comparing Mr. Bundy’s actions to the Civil Rights movement. Even Fox News never had the courage to go this far and in fact, based on Mr. Bundy’s comment about Dr. King, deserted their initial support faster than rats leaving a sinking ship. For those interested in reading an opposite view on his illegal grazing, please go to Huff Post Politics (April 27) and read, “No Sympathy for Bundy in the West".

Another interesting HP Politics article is, “Obama hits GOP, 60 plus votes on Obamacare, none on minimum wage.”  What I will never understand is why some folks continue to support and vote for a party that really doesn’t have their interest at heart.

Bill Skeat


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