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April 25, 2014

Shott is wrong in defending Bundy

— — I cannot believe this newspaper is standing up for a man who is a known lawbreaker.  For a man who owes the federal government over a million dollars in unpaid grazing fees. This man has defied two court orders to stop grazing his cattle on federal property, to pay his unpaid debts to the federal government, and to become a law abiding citizen. This guy is a welfare cowboy! He is a “taker” in others words; he is stealing from you and me and the rest of our country.

 Bundy is a law breaker in “a nation based on laws.” Regardless of how one feels about the federal laws that we have in this country, most people (most real Americans) choose to obey them. One cannot pick and choose which laws he or she will obey.

No matter how much he complains, the feds will get our money, don’t worry about that. Now, I am not a cattle rancher, but a lot of people in this area are. If you had to pay a grazing fee, wouldn’t you pay it? Bundy was offered a sweet deal on his grazing fee, which was one-fifth the price most cattle ranchers pay in Nevada, but he refused to pay anything. The local cattle ranchers association has turned its back on this guy. They don’t want anything to do with him as a rancher and do not endorse his free loading.

The article in the Opinion section of the Bluefield Daily Telegraph tried to explain a bit of the history behind this story, but ended up pinning the blame for this situation on the federal government. He goes on to say that he wants people to vote for candidates who believe in obeying the laws of our country (federal laws); like Cliven Bundy, maybe? However, the article fails to disclose the true facts. The government, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), was carrying out the law of the land; you steal from the federal government, you suffer the consequences. It does not matter whether you think a law is valid or not.       

Even the right wing talkers over on Fox are trying to distance themselves from Bundy. Other people are treating Bundy like a folk hero. Cliven Bundy is not a hero; he’s a moocher and a law breaker, plain and simple.

Tom King


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