Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 6, 2014

Dog park for Bluefield a great idea

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — This (a dog park for Bluefield) is an excellent idea. People will be able to take their pets to a safe area to run and play. As it stands now the only locations pet owners have is the city park and the sidewalks, neither of which can you just let pets run free and play (ever tried to play Frisbee when your pet is on a 6-foot leash? It just doesn’t work.), not to mention if your pet somehow manages to get away from you (broken collar, leash, etc.) they can very easily run into the road.

The fact that the proposed building site is less than a block away only sweetens the deal for me, so it would definitely be utilized.

Many people in this area are sure to oppose this though. Bluefield seems interested in only progressing itself into oblivion so I figure that people will complain (about possible noise, smell, “dangerous poodles” or whatever) to stop the project. I for one hope the city stays resolute and builds the park. It will be a sign for me at least that the city is trying to move away from their former mindset and actually make progress in the right direction for once. If they don’t I might have to join the mass exodus that has already occurred.

Bluefield could be an excellent place to live but the leadership needs to push the envelope to do more things like this and attract more businesses. Then and only then will there be a chance to stop this city from turning into just another ghost town.

Mark Lawson


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