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June 24, 2013

All writers free to express opinions

I found it extremely ironic that, on the same day the letter about the “Waste of Ink and Paper” was published, the solution to the daily Cryptoquote was as follows: “He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” — Thomas Jefferson

Also, someone once wrote somewhere, “Listen to the meek and ignorant, for they too have their story.”   I know and respect the writer of the “wasted ink and paper letter” and I know he has an absolute right to his opinion. And I diametrically disagree with him because I agree with practically everything political that Smokey Shott writes.

The writer must understand that some folks are not born with a prepaid college and legal or medical education at their disposal. Some people never have the opportunity to overcome their lot in life. I find this writer’s suggestion that you should use your editorial decisions to publish or not to publish, to “screen out” those who oppose his obviously ultra-liberal views as simply preposterous; even if they are not expressed in the most intelligent manner.

There are a lot of us out here who think that writer, and many, many of your regularly published liberal word wizards are wingnuts, and that is to put it very mildly. Many of the present administrations actions (and inaction) are almost identical to those of Hitler leading up to World War II. The way he throws his angry little tantrums each time things don’t go his way, and the way he remains silent while Christians are disparaged for their views, and then speaks out with vengeance and outrage when the least criticisms are aimed at Muslims could certainly lead folks to wonder. Some may not have the literary skills to state their case as eloquently as others, but they have the right to express themselves no matter how ignorant it may sound to the elites of the world.

Those who were screaming to high heaven in 1939 that the Nazis must be stopped were ridiculed by these same types for spewing these “inflammatory claims.” To suggest that allowing free speech from all writers somehow contributes to political violence is an insane association.

And, by the way, today’s Telegraph had a one-sentence letter suggesting that no progress and bad roads are a direct result of supporting Republicans in West Virginia. What?

Does that writer know that Democrats have been in charge of politics in West Virginia for years and years and years? Speaking of a waste of ink and paper! But we must allow him to spew his brew. It’s called freedom of speech and your decision to publish such is called freedom of the press. ... at least what’s left of it!

J. R. Shuck


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