Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 20, 2012

Time to end tax cuts for the super rich

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— An ode to Republicans: This is not going to be an ode in the classical Keatsian vane; no, it is more of a homespun version of the ode, what I call an Over Due Editorial (O.D.E.).

As the reader is well aware, President Obama has been re-elected for another four years.

This glorious feat was accomplished in spite of Citizens United, voter suppression, voter intimidation, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, racial bias, Republican fear mongering, lies about the president’s place of birth (the birthers), savage attack ads against the president, the ravings of an insane, drug addicted radio person, a billion ugly, dirty dollars spent by Republican PACs and Super PACs, the war on women, the war on gays and lesbians and an all-out attack on America’s middle class (the 47 percent).

One must say that justice has prevailed, that Democracy has won the day. President Obama put it this way, and I paraphrase: It’s not about blue states or red states, it’s about the United States.

We are now at the top of the fiscal cliff, and it is time for reconciliation, sequestration and an end to the Bush tax cuts for the super rich.

Tom King

Tazewell, Va.