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April 15, 2013

‘Feel-good’ laws don’t solve problems

— — I read with wry amused interest the letter from a well-meaning but apparently clueless individual who asserted that our “rights” change as “society evolves.” Really? That in a nutshell explains why society has “evolved” to the present state we see (insert eye-roll). When our society is so uneducated about our own Constitution and representative republic (sorry hand wringers ... not a democracy) this fuzzy mush-headed thinking is the result.

The writer goes on to state, “I contend that my right to life, liberty and property outweighs my neighbor’s right to buy a gun to kill me.” This is what psychologists refer to as projection, since it says more about the writer’s mindset and self-control than his neighbor’s. Folks who have little self-control and fear what they would do if they had a gun and got upset with those around them project that onto others and live in irrational fear. It’s called a phobia for those who lack the basic education provided by the state.

That we have people who fervently believe that you can actually remove violence from society by banning inanimate objects, to me suggests a startling increase in the incidence of mental disease in our country. The trouble with their reasoning is once you stop folks from killing people with hammers or gasoline by banning those items, they will use baseball bats, or rocks, or guitar strings, or ... well, you get the idea. Actual real solutions seem to be beyond their grasp of reality so they flail impotently at the tool, instead of the one committing the acts.

Yes, society’s needs and situations do change as time goes on. But the Bill of Rights enumerates those we already have which cannot be taken away and were not “granted to us” by Big Brother government, as much as this causes heartburn and palpitations to extremists on both sides of the aisle at times. Such hand-wringing and introduction of additional stupid, “feel-good” laws that never solve the problem only serve to temporarily mollify those with delusions that they are actually accomplishing something.

R. P. Maddox


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