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April 13, 2013

Kee Dam trash dump is unacceptable

— Am I the only person that can see what a horrible trash dump Kee Dam has become? There are trash piles in every direction! Up the little hollows, along the road, under the no dumping signs.

 It has been months ago that the last cleanup was done.

 The same white trash bags are still sitting in the same place that they were two plus months ago when the Bluefield Daily Telegraph printed my last letter.

The trash has done nothing but grow at an alarming rate.

It is so sad that the city of Bluefield along with the Mercer County Commission have turned a blind eye to the areas main water source. The trash is so great that the overflow ponds have trash floating on the banks.

 The problem has been ingored for long enough! I am begging someone to clean it up! Is it that the commission thinks that it is the city of Bluefield’s problem, and that the city of Bluefield thinks that it is the county commission’s problem. I don’t care who the responsible party is — just please clean it up and keep it clean. Put it on a monthly plan for clean up.

I am sick of seeing it. I am sure that the residents of Bluefield that get their tap water from it are sick of drinking, bathing, and cooking with it. Take a drive and go see it for yourself.

Thank you Bluefield Daily Telegraph for doing your best to help. You have printed my letters and even did a front page story on it. But it is in the worst shape now then it has ever been.

Kathy Wolfe

Very Proud Airport Rd. Home Owner

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