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January 31, 2014

Prevailing wage debate questioned

— — The West Virginia legislators are currently debating a prevailing wage act (not to be confused with minimum wage). This has got to be some kind of a ploy by someone. A true prevailing wage has, and will always be, established by the local work force and their employers.

 Employers who hire people in a local area, from Aardvark handlers to zymologist, already have to pay the prevailing wage in those trades.

Otherwise, they would have a very hard time finding people for their labor force. When competent contractors bid on any job, they always figure in the prevailing wage as part of their cost.

Successful businesses can not escape from these well known, and practiced concepts.

So why would anyone, without a hidden agenda, force our responsible legislators to use their valuable time debating such an inane proposal?

John E. Dills



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