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April 18, 2014

Fairview lot no place for dog park

— — My letter is in reply to Ms. Elgin’s comments about the recent city board meeting regarding the proposed dog park at the old Fairview School location. I live in this area and I am a responsible dog owner. I walk my dog several times each day on leash and not only pick up her waste, but also pick up trash that is thrown out by irresponsible citizens. I might add, other than myself and my next door neighbor, I haven’t seen another pet owner picking up after their dog and I see numerous people walking their dogs every day.

The facts in this article aren’t exactly correct. It was stated that the park was not being used at present for anything. This park is used daily by children in the neighborhood. It was designed for a playground and is being used for that purpose. As far as “happy dogs running and playing,” I have found that dogs can be very unpredictable when approached by a strange dog. They are not always social. I have been in two dog attacks by the same dog while walking my dog on a leash and trying to abide by city codes. In both instances, animal control was called and to my knowledge, nothing was done about the dog that attacked me. I incurred a visit to the ER at Bluefield the first time, and in both instances my dogs had to be taken to their vet for medical attention. As information, at my second attack, my dog was 6 months old. Neither of my pets were aggressive. So, needless to say, I would never turn my dog loose in a park where there are dogs are running free.

I would like to say that I felt Mr. Dwight Godwin had a very nice presentation. However, I do not think this area is suitable for a dog  park. There is not enough acreage at this location to even consider this. Also, the city may need to consider the liability involved.

I can’t help but wonder how the property owners in the area of Heatherwood Park would respond if this dog park was being considered for their neighborhood.

V. Walker


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