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June 26, 2013

Furfari wrong in WVU criticism

I want to express my strong disagreement with the article written by Mickey Furfari that states the “fact” that WVU athletic officials misled students and the general public about playing baseball games at Hawley Field. As the article states, the games were moved implying Hawley Field did not meet Big 12 standards.

I am not sure Furfari understands the facts are that Hawley Field is a joke compared to the other Big 12 baseball stadiums and it would be an embarrassment to all the other highly acclaimed Big 12 teams to even visit the place. Furfari further states that the WVU students were shortchanged. Most WVU students have never been to a baseball game and could not even find Hawley Field. All in all, Furfari clearly is only looking for any reason to criticize Oliver Luck.

The accusations that there were lies and that student fees should be reimbursed are ridiculous and the Bluefield Daily Telegraph should be embarrassed by publishing this negative article clearly motivated for some personal reason.

It is understood that it was an inconvenience for the WVU baseball team to travel to Charleston and Beckley for home games; but they were rewarded with large and supportive crowds at beautiful stadiums that highlighted to the Big 12 the support in all West Virginia for WVU baseball. Unfortunately, this would never have happened at Hawley Field. For the extra efforts of the WVU baseball team, they will be rewarded with a new stadium that needs to be filled with cheering WVU fans.

The WVU baseball team and its fans should be proud of their success this year; and Furfari should not want to try to ruin that success by criticizing and creating controversy for his own reasons.

David Sayre

WVU graduate and Mountaineer fan


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