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September 29, 2012

Local Democrats still with Obama?

Back in April, before the May primary election, I wrote letters to senators Manchin and Rockefeller, and Congressman Rahall concerning their stance on President Obama’s EPA’s war on coal and asking the question: Are you going to support the one person who is leading this war on coal or are you going to fight for West Virginia and our livelihood in the coal industry? You published the letter and I sent it to all three.  “Amazingly”

I did not receive a response from any of them! I intend to write again and ask the same question before this (even more important) upcoming election between pro-coal Mitt Romney and anti-coal Barack Obama.

If either of them respond, I will assuredly share it with you. In the meantime, I hope at some point, that the Daily Telegraph will ask them how they intend to reconcile their fight to save our primary industry with their support for the very one responsible for waging the war.

Rockefeller has already shown us his cards.  He lectures the coal industry to bow down to Barack Obama and succumb to the wishes of the EPA and “cooperate” with them rather than fight. In this administration, cooperate means “see it my way or else!” Senator Rockefeller bounces around so much he is as hard to follow as a butterfly! For example, during one of the town hall meetings on Obamacare, the senator was asked if he had read the bill.  His response was, “No.  There’s nothing that confuses more than reading a bill written by lawyers for lawyers and for bureaucrats.” Yet he supported the bill whole-heartedly despite the fact that he claimed not to have read it. He joined with Nancy Pelosi and “passed the bill to find out what’s in it.”

After the Supreme Court upheld the Obamacare law as a “tax,” Senator Rockefeller took a different tack. He was quoted in a statement to this newspaper as saying, “Today, the Supreme Court confirmed what Congress knew to be true when ‘we wrote this law’ in the first place.” The senator didn’t read the bill but he helped write it! What? This has a distinct Joe Biden echo to it: He did not read it, but he wrote it!

As for Mr. Manchin and Mr. Rahall, they both face re-election in November, which raises even more interest in who, or what, they will ultimately support. If they refuse to support the coal industry and endorse Mr. Obama, then we should vote them both out.

 Mr. Romney has made it crystal clear where he stands on coal, oil, natural gas and all other sources of energy.  He has laid his intention to make us energy independent out on the table and it is open for debate.

We should all be watching very closely to see where our so-called representatives go with this issue.

J. R. Shuck,


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