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May 7, 2013

More trash dump problems in Mercer

— I moved to West Virginia more than 15 years ago and love it so very much. I am originally from Ohio and a big city and I have enjoyed living in a rural area near the Department of Highways, District 1O facility. As I drive north on Route 77, I take Exit 14 down to Springs Road, turn left and turn right on the road that leads to the aforementioned highway department building.

As I turn off Springs Road toward the District 1O facility there is a parking area on the right and many, many people park there. The county or someone had it black topped some time ago. Now evidently they provided this area for parking one’s automobile to take advantage of a ride to work or some may park there for a rendezvous with their lady friend or gentleman friend but regardless of the reason all around the parking area looks like a community dumping ground.

I have witnessed people emptying either their car or trunk of garbage and it all ends up in the brush. It is a horrible eye sore especially for out-of-town visitors passing through the area to have to see this. And I am sure they wonder what dirty people live around that parking area.

 If you travel down that road further toward Gardner Mobile Home Park the side of that road — pop bottles, pop cans, beer bottles and also whiskey bottles litter the road all the way to the ball park across from the highway department building of District 10.

I have had visitors ask me if West Virginia has a trash pick up for this area and then I have to explain about the pigs who live or travel through this part of our state. Why can’t something be done about this eye sore?

Donald E. Ingram



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