Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

July 13, 2013

Third Reich comment wrong, unfair

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— The letter published that compared the Tea Party movement with the Nazis — can this possibly be serious?  If one thinks about it, the better comparison would be with the current administration. The following are a few points of similarity between the administration and the so-called Third Reich.

• Intolerance of dissent

• Hostility towards religion and traditional family

• Emphasis on infrastructure spending

• Socialistic approach to government and economics

• Propagandistic self-promotion

• Narcissistic leadership

• Demonization/stereotyping of opposition

• Disdain for the Legislature

It is possible to take such a comparison too far, of course.  However, it is incorrect in the extreme to compare political conservatives to fascists, despite the fact that the left delights in doing so. It wasn’t called the National Socialist German Workers Party for nothing.

Richard Haggerty