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August 17, 2013

Explaining socialism, Third Reich

— After reviewing recent letters to the editor

relating to comparisons of the

German government during the period

of the Third Reich and our current U.S. government,

I have reached the conclusion that

some of our writers do not know the difference

between an economic system and a political

system or a system of government and the

allocation of government power.

Socialism is an economic system and in no

way resembles what occurred in Germany

during the evolution of German government

and the establishment of the Third Reich.

Under Goebbles the German government

developed and effectively used a massive

propaganda effort cloaked in patriotism that

extolled the superiority of the Aryan race. The

“super patriots” in Germany included the SS.

As I read history the early stages of the

development of the National Socialist Workers

Party in Germany resembled the super patriotism

we in the U.S. associate with our Tea

Party movement and the ultra conservatism

associated with it.

Bill Morefield

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