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August 15, 2013

'Me only’ attitude a growing problem

— Iam somewhat saddened by the growing

lack of consideration people have for each

other. There is so much self-interest and

don’t-get-in-my-way attitude in our country

that it shows what we have become. True,

there are still some who do not fit this category.

Nowhere is this more evident than on our

streets and highways. I was a professional

driver in many areas of our county, and I did a

six-month survey. What I learned was that on

average, only one in 14 people will let someone

turn left or out of an intersection. That’s an

example of self-centeredness. I observe that

those people seem oblivious that someone

might need to make a turn. Now as to the

highways, be it U.S. 460 or an interstate, no

matter what speed one might be driving, there

is always someone with the “me only” attitude

right on your rear bumper wanting for you to

get out of their way.

Another example of the lack of concern is the

gross misuse of handicap parking spaces. I

never really noticed, until I had someone who

really needed one, that there are a great number

of people who have the permit but really

don’t need it. It has become a convenience. It

really was evident to me when I saw a man

pushing a wheelchair across the parking lot at

the hospital and then saw some of those folks

parked in the handicap spaces walking better

than I can. Please, if you can walk an hour or

more through Walmart, you do not need to

take a parking space from someone in a

wheelchair or who must have a walker.

Doctors should use a little more discretion as

to who they issue the permits to. My writing

won’t change anything, but it makes me feel a

little better and, who knows, maybe a few people

might even take a look at how they treat


Charles E. Hampton Sr.


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