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November 1, 2012

Purchases support workers overseas

I think I am as ready as the next person for the election to be over. I’m weary of the finger-pointing, blame game.

Watching the debates and mulling over the issues, particularly the issue of lost jobs, has me thinking. Neither of the two presidential candidates had the guts during the debate to point to the camera and say, “It is time for you (the American people) to shoulder part of the blame for jobs lost overseas.”

As a culture, we like to buy lots of stuff, and buy it really cheap.

Recently my son, who works in Haiti where even sweatshop wages would benefit a good portion of the population, reminded me that every time we make a purchase, we are casting a vote. Unfortunately, when I bought my cheaply made orange Halloween T-shirt recently I was casting my vote and telling a super store to keep underpaid Chinese workers employed.

It is becoming difficult to buy clothing of any sort that is not made in China. Why are we amazed at the transformation of China into an economic power?

The next time you are waiting in a check-out line to purchase items, take a moment to determine where these items originated from. The dollars you spend may be casting a vote for continued employment of workers overseas rather than in the United States.

Linda Shroyer

Tazewell, Va.


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