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September 14, 2013

The truth is not a universal quality

— — I am amused and confused by this ambiguous misive.

1. The truth should always be told. Really? Little white lies contribute much to domestic tranquillity. Truth is not universal. Many years ago I watched a forum on “Truth” on the William Buckley Show. The panel consisted of seven intelectuals from seven very diverse cultures. Worldwide, there is precious little consistancy as to what “truth” actually is.

2. Swearing in. Since we cannot comprehend or quantify what is, “The best of my ability” the point becomes moot.

3. Not being a constitutional scholar and a little on the slow side, could someone explain what part of the Constitution has been “broken.”

4. Regarding Nixon. I missed the part where he was fired. I thought both he and Agnew resigned to avoid being impeached. This allowed them to keep their lifetime benefits given to the president and vice president.

5. Finally, what, or who, are your sources for your “doom and gloom” prognosis?

 J .A. Garrard


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Letters to the Editor

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