Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

September 6, 2013

Route 52 turn arrows are common sense

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — It boggles my mind that there are still no turn arrows at the intersection of Route 52 and Airport Road in Brushfork. There is no need for new construction to build new lanes, they are already there! It could probably take a day for them to be installed. I drive this road every day, and have had many close encounters.

One of the recent articles I read stated that the state advised the accidents are from “human error.” Yes, all traffic crashes can be prevented. All crashes are due to human error. Obviously you have the act of God factor with deer and other large animals, but besides that it’s common sense that it’s human error, and for the state to say that is insane. There will be more crashes there, and I pray that no fatalities occur, but it is very likely that will happen unless proper steps are taken to make the intersection safer.  There has been an increase in traffic the past few years with the growing popularity of the ATV trails and the ever present coal trucks. It seems pretty simple to me, but when you are dealing with the government, common sense is not that common.

Stephen “Grat” Slade