Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 1, 2013

Thoughts on marriage, history, dogs

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— I have been keeping up with some current issues in the news and I have some thoughts on them.

Concerning same sex marriages, I think the solution is simple. I realize the importance of separation of church and state and of civil rights and non-discrimination. However, I realize the importance of fundamental religious beliefs. Why not allow these couples to have the same rights and financial benefits, etc., as married couples but do not term their relationships as “marriage,” which is demeaning of a fundamental religious term. Simply call them unions or partnerships. This should appease both sides.

Also, I think it is wonderful that Bluefield is trying to preserve history and nostalgia by restoring the Granada Theater. It would seem to me that a lot of tourists — maybe the elderly, retirees and/or history buffs — might be interested in this. It might be just as much or more beneficial to build a replica of the Colonial Theater. I understand a lot of big names went through there, and they still have some of the artifacts. This would probably bring a large draw of tourists and be a huge source of pride for Bluefield — a view of its heyday. One might even add a trolley car on display.

In addition, if anyone saw the clip of Gabbie Gifford’s dog killing the baby seal or baby sea lion, it seems the dog was color patterned like a bulldog but had the body shape more of a pit and a longer and more pointed snout than a pure bulldog. Could this have been a mix? It makes me ponder what would be wrong with keeping pits muzzled in public and fenced and closely monitored. It seems obvious that these animals, whatever the cause, can be potentially dangerous. I think any dog that has a probability to be dangerous should be managed in this way. It does not hurt to be cautious.

Mary McKinney