Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 31, 2013

Amendments don’t need modifications

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— After reading another story about the assault weapon used at Newtown, I would like to make a comment. It is not an assault weapon, it is an assault-type weapon. It wasn’t found in the school, it was found in the trunk of the shooter’s car.

Only after the liberal media started did it find its way into the school. Amazingly, a Saiga assault-type shotgun has appeared at the scene. I think you should at least try to get your facts straight before you write a story or an article. Even though you are entitled to your opinion, regardless of how right or wrong, regardless of how vile, filthy, contemptuous or blasphemous it may be, it’s guaranteed by the First Amendment.

It seems the only free speech that is in jeopardy today is that of a Christian who may want to pray or discuss the Bible in public. I’m sure it would be OK to recite the Koran or pray to Allah. We wouldn’t say anything about that, it would be politically incorrect.

As far as my right to own a gun, regardless of what type, as long as I am not a convicted felon, I have that right — it is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. If conservatives were to attempt to modify the First Amendment like the liberals are trying to modify the Second Amendment, the mainstream media would attempt to crucify us.

Let’s leave all of the amendments alone. Our founding fathers did a really good job regardless of what some of our supreme court justices may think.

Michael Thornhill