Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 5, 2014

‘Pretty words,’ but no real action

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Recently a mobile clinic for our veterans celebrated its grand opening with the caveat that if it is not used — the wheels on the bus will go round and round. I congratulate Mr. Al Hancock for his tremendous accomplishment and thank him for continuing the fight for a permanent facility. Eighteen years, hundreds of letters and the patience of Job. Thank you Al! 

As for the politicians and bureaucrats, I want to know where the apology is? The way I see it — it took 18 years to drive a motor coach from Beckley to Bluefield and we better be thankful. Well, I’m not!  Things that should take weeks or months to accomplish take years and decades around here.

We are the proud owners of a bridge that runs into the side of a mountain that will rust and fall over before it goes any further. Princeton has a road that predictably floods every time it sprinkles for more than an hour and we have social problems that put Mercer County and southern West Virginia in the national spotlight in the most hideous of ways.

Did you know Mercer County has the highest rate of hepatitis B in the whole nation? Add those to our infamous drug abuse statistics, the “Well Being” poll recently released (yes, we are last again) and the war on coal and you have a pretty bleak picture.

It may not sound like it but I am very optimistic about our future. The last couple of elections we started voting the bums out and it looks like the trend will continue. Our delegation to Charleston running unchallenged this November is the biggest indication of that.

West Virginia is waking up to the fact that the near century-long domination of one-party rule has run this state into the ground. Charleston, and the majority of our elected officials we sent to D.C., have been talking pretty words far too long and have little to nothing to show for it.

My optimism is that the trend continues that we stop listening to what has been promised and look at what has been delivered. I am waiting for someone to tell me where West Virginia leads the nation in anything positive. It is unforgivable that we have the most beautiful state with the most potential and our leaders have nearly destroyed it. It’s time for somebody else to step up to the plate. Their ideas have been ignored for far too long.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley