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October 18, 2013

Republican stance makes no sense

— — I would like to thank Mr. Smokey Shott for including four major reasons for Obamacare being implemented (in a recent column). They were: that it was passed by Congress, signed by the president, the Supreme Court declared it was constitutional and there was an election confirming the country’s support for it.

He stated several reasons why the Republicans  do not want it implemented. They included broken promises, serious problems and to save the American people from Obamacare. I have several concerns about this reasoning. Since the law was written by and passed by Congress, signed by the president, approved by the Supreme Court and the American voter, what were the broken promises? How could there be serious problems (since it’s a new law and just beginning implementation), except for the huge number of people overwhelming the sign-up process? What I really don’t understand is how and why the House wants to protect the American people from it, since the president’s re-election was an obvious referendum on Obamacare (if you didn’t want it, you voted for his opposition; but if you wanted it,  you voted for him).  

This seems simple, so why are the Republicans acting this way? There could be several reasons. After making so many claims about the American people not wanting Obamacare, then being re-buffed first by the election results and then by the many people wanting to sign up, they are scared of the small but vocal tea party or perhaps so many of them are living in a parallel universe that has no resemblance to reality as we know it.

All I know is that in 2014, some of them will be losing their congressional positions, such as Congressman Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell.  For whatever thought process (parallel universe?) the tea party uses, they have withdrawn their support of Senator McConnell and are, in fact, running a candidate against him.

I encourage other readers to use this valuable resource provided by the Bluefield Daily Telegraph to express their views on this and other matters important to them.

Bill Skeat


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