Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 3, 2013

Republicans to blame for shutdown

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Our national government has ceased to function because Republicans repudiated by the electorate and Supreme Court want to subvert the constitution and deny Americans health care.

“Smokey” Shott neglected to mention this in his column celebrating the shutdown.

Though our deficit is falling at the fastest rate since World War II, the shutdown will cost our treasury billions of dollars, harm our business climate and hurt our quality of life, “Smokey” neglected to mention.

Many Republicans with compassion and common sense are horrified by the shutdown, and the Tea Party threat in a few weeks to crash the global economy, “Smokey” also neglected to mention.

How much do Americans with pre-existing conditions, and uninsured people across our great land, appreciate their new health insurance?

“Smokey” didn’t say.

 Ran Henry