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September 28, 2013

Big thinker governing without God

— — I noticed this and when you get online at Yahoo there is Bill Clinton saying I’m sure in a joking manner that we need his daughter instead of his wife. Well I won’t say in a joking manner that we need neither.

This country has been losing everything that our forefathers have tried to build for the past five years.

The big thinker — a community organizer — has been trying to change this country from capitalism to socialism ever since he was elected, which has failed in other countries over and over again.

He wants this for us to contend with but of coarse not for him and his culprits. If we listen to anything from a person who has no character such as him — well we will need help too. It is clear that this country needs people to lead us with God in their lives.

People who are supposed to be sharp are asking why is our schools failing and the country is falling and it is so obvious our so-called big thinker thought that we no longer need God. That’s my thought.

Edd Wolfe



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