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February 8, 2013

Stop texting while grocery shopping

— — The House of Delegates committee in Richmond, Va., endorsed legislation to up the ante for anyone caught texting in an automobile. The law was $20 and only categorized as a secondary offense.

The House of Courts Justice Committee approved a bill Friday that would increase the fine to $25O and make it a primary offense, allowing police to stop and ticket anyone they spot texting behind the wheel.

The fine for a second offense would double to $500. Now my question is, why hasn’t West Virginia incorporated this very same offense and fine? My reasoning is that even with the law we now have or will have people are still texting on the road and in parking lots.

If the fine is large enough it will hit home to some of these dumb people who still think it is safe to text while driving.

The purpose for this letter is to remind everyone that by texting in the grocery store is just as dangerous too.

I have had the back of my ankles hit by shopping carts due to someone using their phone and not watching where they are going,

Also I have been in “grocery store traffic jams” which were also caused by inconsiderate shoppers who jam the aisles while carrying on a conversation and not moving out of the way. For some reason these “text people” seem to think they are the only ones in the store.

When we had only phone booths, the booths were not always filled with phone users so why are they so prolific now?

 Donald Ingram


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Letters to the Editor

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