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March 30, 2013

Why ‘special status’ to our enemies?

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— It is an undisputed fact that 16 out of the 19 terrorists who carried out the attacks of 9/11 were Saudi Arabians. A report of a government memo which surfaced recently shows that America is now granting a “special status” to Saudi Arabian visitors.  

This status includes easily obtained visas and expedited moves to the front of the line at airline desks and customs check points. Now this special status is not available to the French or the Germans. Although it is reported to be in the works, it is not yet even available for Israelis.

 I would like for some of the previous writers to this venue, who zealously defend the policies of the Obama regime at every twist and turn, no matter how insane they may be, to explain this move to us with their ever-so-eloquent way with words.

What’s going on here and why do we give special preference to groups, who are suspicious at the very least, over those of time-tested loyal allies of the United States?

These previous writers have the ability to give us “doctoral dissertations” on phrases from our Constitution such as “a well regulated militia” but they cannot for the life of them comprehend such simple phrases as “right of the people” and “shall not be infringed.”

Maybe they can help us understand this puzzle. In all their infinite wisdom, I ask of these wizards of words and sages to come forward and explain to us why we are constantly so  friendly with proven enemies of the United States while offering cold-shouldered negligence to our staunchest allies.

  Tell us why we close the people’s White House off to tourists and children due to so-called budgetary matters and yet give billions of dollars in money and sophisticated weapons to the likes of the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt.  An Egyptian government which has in no uncertain terms made their disdain for the U.S. and Israel very clear and very public I might add.  And this corrupt Egyptian government has announced loudly from the rooftops their unyielding support of radical anti-American and anti-Israeli groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah.  

Would someone explain the common sense or logic of such an idiotic posture to those of us who cannot fathom it?

J.R. Shuck