Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 9, 2013

Tomblin forgot about southern, W.Va.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— In Governor Tomblin’s State of the State speech I noticed several items that did not set too well with me.

I wonder if anyone else in our beautiful state heard them and wondered why? The one item was about education and does anyone remember that years ago the school system in our country changed to a new math?

I was always very good in all areas of the math subject but I could not understand that new system no matter how I tried.

The system finally disbanded the so called “new math,” but the main reason why it did not work is as follows.

The education of all children begins in the home, not in school.

If the parents do not understand what is being taught to our children then the whole educational system is failing or will fail. How can the child be learning a subject in school, go home and have to ask one or both of the parents for help and the parents have to admit that they don’t understand the subject.

If the parents do not have a clue as to what is being taught then the child is on his or her way to possible failure.

 You will possibly mention the Internet but remember, not all children have access to a computer in the home.

I know and realize that a lot of parents are not fully educated in our state and that is not a crime or anything to be ashamed about but, the parents have to be taught something about their children's studies so they can interact with the child or children.

The other item is that Tomblin mentioned progress in business in three areas around the state but never mentioned southern West Virginia.

I wonder why? Please check the tapes.

Donald E. lngram