Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 10, 2013

Warner, Manchin could fight Obama and socialism

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— It’s time for U.S. Senators Mark Warner, D-Va., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and other honorable, moderate Democrats to put their country before their party and step forward to stop Barack Obama from destroying the principals of capitalism on which this great country was built.

The Republicans have been severely weakened and somewhat divided by the tea party whose lack of full support for Mitt Romney led to the re-election of Obama who is totally unchecked by both the Democratic Party and the liberal press. Therefore, I believe that only a coalition of moderate Democrats and Republicans can save America.

It is our moral obligation to not burden our children and grandchildren with an unsustainable national debt and broken Social Security, Medicare, and soon-to-be Obamacare systems. Many Americans do not realize the severity of our current financial predicament at the hands of the last two presidents, Bush to some extent but Obama to a much higher degree.

It is already a given that the standard of living of our children and grandchildren will be significantly lower than ours, but must they live like paupers? There is no question that we are headed in the direction of Greece, but unlike Greece our economy is way too big to be bailed out by other countries. And it is not just the well-to-do and working Americans that will get wiped out. There will be no more free lunches either.

Most Americans are aware of our government’s check and balance system (the president, the two houses, and the courts) but there is a supposed fifth and maybe the most important safeguard — an unbiased news media. None of us really believe the politicians and we rarely hear from the Supreme Court, so we have become accustomed to relying on the press.

But the main culprit is the unfair, liberal news media who rarely calls Obama out on anything — one incompetency after another goes unchecked. When we no longer have an outlet to hear the truth, how can we possibly vote in the best interest of our country?

Since the press is broken and the courts are “after-the-fact,” we must rely on our elected officials to be diligent in carrying out their sense of responsibility. Since the Democrats control the Senate, I call upon both Mark Warner and Joe Manchin to do the honorable thing by stepping forward to lead an effort to stop Barack Obama from destroying our way of government in favor of socialism.

Ron Jewell, Retired

U.S. Army Research, Development, Acquisition Information Systems Agency

Pembroke, Va.