Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

May 14, 2013

Too many youth spoiled, ungrateful

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— It’s not necessary to be rich to be spoiled ... only outwardly ungrateful. I’ve noticed an overabundance of such behavior lately and would like to point out some observations. The ungratefulness I refer to is not limited to whining about something wanted and can’t have, but also includes ungrateful behavior that shows feelings of entitlement for things unearned. “Spoiled” can also be exhibited by refusal of good things unearned with upturned nose in full view.

If you are still following me — here is what got my attention: Our state officials just made it law that every child is now entitled to both free breakfast and free lunch regardless of the family’s income. You would think students would be grateful. You would be wrong. “This food sucks,” I’ve heard on many occasion, followed quickly by “I’m hungry!” Of course all kids are not like that, but too many are.

Spoiled? That may be pushing the definition a bit, but the point is made. As I get older I wonder how the next generations will survive. I now realize that I’m not a prophet. I’m sure every generation for a thousand years has had the same thoughts and, guess what, we’re still here.

So when you spot such behavior just say what I say: “Should I call you a whaaa-mbulance?”

Maybe they’ll get the message. The opposite of being grateful is being miserable.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley