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April 26, 2013

Just like McDowell, Mercer ignored

— — I’m writing this letter in agreement with the gentlemen of the McDowell County Commission dated on March 16, 2013. What does it take to get through to our so-called politicians in Charleston and don’t forget Washington? All that our politicians think about is their pockets. I’m in total agreement that our highway system is a joke.

Like McDowell County, Mercer County is no better. What ever happened to the money that was already appropriated for the King Coal Highway and other major highways? There is an answer to that question.

It was so much money our elected people had other ideas and it was put into their pockets, then they scream once again we have no money. There is a prime example in Mercer County: that $16 million bridge that goes nowhere. Money spent for nothing because it has nowhere to go.

And on another subject, the tolls on the turnpike have been a joke for years. Our representatives have gotten rich from that road. In closing this letter, its time that the lower part of West Virginia — the part that is below Beckley — start receiving their fair share and have better highways so maybe, just maybe, we will have better jobs come in. Until our roads are brought up to date, nothing will change. How many more people have to get hurt on killed on U.S. Route 52 before something is done?

Ron Bailey



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