Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

May 11, 2014

No wonder why doctors are leaving

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Just spoke to a lady at Princeton Community Hospital about doctors. Guess what — West Virginia is having a hard time finding doctors. Surprise, surprise, surprise. With the insurance so high who or what doctor would come to West Virginia? Charleston thinks that the hospitals, doctors,  DMV is uneducated and unable to do anything or maybe we are stupid. Everything has to go to Charleston. Why? Now if you pay extra you can get a car title change and you won’t have to wait a week for it to go to Charleston. Why do the doctors leave? They are worked to death.

When you find a good doctor, one that is caring and interested in your condition, and they try to help you get better, they leave. They get better treatment somewhere else, or they don’t have to deal with the idiots in Charleston who set the rules and regulations. When Obama leaves the White House have him come to Charleston, W.Va.

He will be right at home. When are you the people of Mercer County going to wake up and start making changes. I will be moving soon and going back to my home state. I am getting tired of the bull from Charleston. 

Carlon R. Hutton