Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

March 29, 2014

Drug testing would reduce welfare

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — I wonder why the big thinker is wanting to downsize the military and yet not touch all the free loaders on SSI. I have been watching the people in southern West Virginia since 1964 when the big thinker in Washington wanted and got permission for the great society and it is worse today than it was in 1964.

Why in the world are our leaders wanting to keep wasting our money on people who don’t want to help themselves, who just sit around with a handout and yet take it away from the people who are defending this country — the very ones who defend our freedom.

I’m all for helping those who have worked and got cut off but not those who have never worked, who ride four-wheelers and enjoy a life that people who work don’t hardly ever get to enjoy, who are footing the bills.

Really to reduce the numbers on the (welfare) rolls is just a simple drug test. That alone would reduce the rolls 59 percent or more.

I had to take one when I worked to keep my job. It seems the people we elect to look out for us are afraid to do their job which should be to save money.

I hope in November we get a different thinking in Washington.

Just a thought.

 Edd Wolfe