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March 25, 2014

America in need of God’s blessing

I write this letter because I have concern for this country in the path that she is headed. My thoughts and prayers are for America and her leaders. As a New Testament Christian, I am obligated to pray for our leaders and our country.

My hope is that the leaders of our country will recognize that God is the supreme authority and turn to Him in their decision making, which affects every one of us as citizens of this country. If they cannot do this, my prayer is that God will remove them from office and allow New Testament Christians to get involved in running for office from the office of the president all the way down to the local city government.

Why is it that we continue to elect men who are for abortion (which is murder of the unborn baby) for the removal of God from public schools and for doing away with jobs for 1.7 million Americans? I want God’s blessings on this nation and the way for that to happen is to get Him back into the public schools, the government and our lives.

Lorin Sloan Jr.


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