Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 1, 2014

God’s word differs from CNN’s views

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — In God’s infinite wisdom he has given everyone two choices, the choice to accept him and his word or to reject him and his word.  Phil Robertson has chosen to speak in support of God’s world. Those who have chosen not to accept God’s word feel that Phil should not publicly speak against what God says is an abomination to God.

A Christians we should support what God teaches. Period. As Americans our Constitution gives us the right to speak our opinion. Homosexuals scream about their rights to express their opinion.

Phil Robertson differs because he feels that God’s word differs from the gay rights agenda. Because of Phil’s opinion they want to crucify him. Piers Morgan and others from CNN think Phil should not express his views. However, they express their views.

The Constitution of the United States and God’s holy word differ from CNN’s views. God’s word says there shall come a time when every knee will bow before the Lord. It will be too late for some.

Gene Leedy

Bluefield, Va.