Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 2, 2014

Cut Obama’s funding, not veterans

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — As an American citizen and also a veteran, I believe it is shameful what the Congress and Senate has done to those Americans who have gave so much for this country.

I think that is one reason those so-called leaders of our country took away benefits for our veterans is because we have very few leaders of this country who were ever in service, and in essence gave anything for this country other than hot air.

I think if the so-called leaders cut the amount of golf games the big thinker takes and the vacations he takes for such hard work he does it would be the best place to start saving instead of looking at soldiers for saving money! If the leaders of this country would pass a law where you had to be a veteran before you could run for office — especially for president — it would help them know more about what veterans have to do especially when they are being shot at while these so-called leaders are enjoying the good life — of which a lot of it is on the taxpayer’s dollar.

No wonder why the big thinkers are not though very well of. Just a thought.

 Edd Wolfe