Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

December 16, 2012

Put Kee Dam on a cleaning schedule

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — This morning on my way to work Kee Dam was giving an amazing show! A white cold mist was rising off the water, the trees and grass were covered in a heavy silver frost, the sun beams were breaking over the hill. Just beautiful!

If it were not for the huge pile of white trash bags that someone dumped about a week ago and all of the other trash littered along the side of the road, it would have been postcard perfect!

Please Mercer County Commission put the Kee Dam on a regular clean-up schedule. Don’t wait for me to write to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. Just keep it clean!

And as for you dumpers, I hope when they do clean it up you have left a piece of mail in your trash, with your name and address on it and they arrest you!

 For the people passing though, stop throwing your trash out of the windows of your car! We drink that water, cook with it, bathe with it and serve it to our kids!

Kathy Wolfe

very proud Airport Road home owner